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"Empowering Women, Eradicating Violence: Ratong Centre - Where Hope Takes Root."

Pearl Ncube

In 2019, Ratong Centre began as a support group led by Ms. Pearl Ncube, who is the founding director of the organization; eventually, she realized that providing counseling support only for survivors did not help their circumstances as many women kept going back to toxic relationships and habits just to get through the demands of life.
Ms. Pearl is a survivor of gender-based violence and a life-threatening illness since she was diagnosed at age 2. She was traumatized by the illness in the mid-1990s, when Botswana had little to no proper medical care, and she was transferred to South Africa at the age of 12 for a heart surgery; during her recovery, she learned a lot and wished she could have a normal life. At age 17, she wanted to be on TV and joined a singing group, where her dream was snapped in an experience she would describe as not fair. Because of her childhood trauma, all she wanted was to have her confidence back and use her voice to teach on the condition that many people would survive, but unfortunately, she met a perpetrator who almost stole her light.

She has worked with so many women, helping them heal and sharing her story to inspire and advocate for survivors of trauma, that it was only fitting for her to start a center where she can help women heal while she advocates for young girls and breaks the cultural beliefs that oppress women and rob them of their human rights. Ms. Pearl hosted group sessions in and around Gaborone with the aim of unlocking the limiting beliefs in women caused mainly by trauma, and since then she and other volunteers have worked closely in the community of Broadhurst, Gaborone, to support women survivors and have since built a beautiful support structure for the women and their families. In 2021, the center trained the first six women in basket weaving as a skill through the support of Thistle Farms and the Global Trade Network, and four women in confectionary and baking skills through the support of the Local Enterprise Authority of Botswana.

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